Til Ke Laddoo

On the occassion of Makar Sakranti, I always make Til ke Laddoo. My husband also loves them and they are really quick to make.



250 gm White Til (Sesame seeds)

250 gm Boora (Powdered Sugar)

250 gm Khoya

Almonds - handful - chopped.



Sieve all the boora so that all lumps are removed. Dry roast til in a heavy bottomed big karhai. Roast till they are slightly golden and are fragrant. 

Immediately put this in a mixer and grind coarsely. 

In the same karhai, put in the khoya and start roasting it. It will melt and start leaving ghee. 

At this point take off the karhaai from the flame and quickly add the sieved boora and the roasted til. Also add the almonds. Mix this completely while still warm. 

Start shaping laddoos out of this mixture. You need to make sure that you do this quickly as warm mixture is easier to shape.

In case the mixture becomes cold, put it in a micro-safe container and microwave it for a minute. 

This will yield about 20 laddoos.