Icecream makeover

Summers are here, and my family loves to have icecreams. I am sure for everyone in Delhi's sweltering heat, Ice Cream is bliss.

Anyway, this "recipe" takes a normal Vanilla icecream brick and gives it a makeover.



For Praline:

1 cup sugar

1 cup chopped salted pistachios

Other ingredients:

Vanilla Icecream - 1 ltr (I love Cream Bell)

1 cup chopped pineapple (U can use canned pineapples)

Some leftover chocolate cake (Recipe coming soon)

Sweet Wafers - any flavor




Take the sugar in a small pane, and put it on gas on sim.

Cook till it starts browning. Please be careful, the sugar burns really quickly. 

Add in the choppied pistachios, mix really quickly and pour this on a silicone sheet. 

Let it cool completely. Now you should be able to peel it off the silicone sheet very easily. (If you do not have a silicon sheet, this step can be done on a greased marble surface)

Break this praline into small pieces (I use the rolling pin to do it). Keep it aside.

Assembling the icecream:

Take a flat box with an airtight lid. 

Take the cake and crumble it into really small pieces. Make a thin layer of this cake at the bottom of the box.

Cover the layer of cake with a layer of icecream.

Now add a layer of chopped pineapples

Take some wafers (I had them in shape of cigars). 

Crush them and add a layer on top of the icecream.

Top it again with a layer of icecream

As a last layer - top the icecream with the praline. 

Cover this box and refrigerate.  While servinge, make sure that all the layers are served per portion. 


PS: Be innovative, there are many things you can change in this recipe:

  • Use mango/ strawberry in place of pineapple.
  • Use chocolate chips.
  • Add in chocolate/ strawberry sauce in one of the layers.
  • The base layer can be made of crushed oreo cookies/ crushed digestive biscuit etc.

The list goes on....