Git tips and tricks

<p>git rebase --interactive 8bf4b651207c8e60abf3822a276868942f1efe7a</p>

<p>git commit --amend --author="Suchi Garg &lt;;"</p>

<p>git rebase --continue</p>

<p>Problem - squash commits</p>

Icecream makeover

Summers are here, and my family loves to have icecreams. I am sure for everyone in Delhi's sweltering heat, Ice Cream is bliss.

Anyway, this "recipe" takes a normal Vanilla icecream brick and gives it a makeover.



For Praline:

Quick Accompaniment - Onions in vinegar

This is a reall quick and tasty accompaniment to food. It is a staple at our home, especially during summers.


Onions - 3 medium

Salt - 1 tsp

Vinegar - Enough to cover the onions



The Drupal t() function - in JS

We all know that Drupal has a t() function for translation of strings while doing custom development. But did you know that drupal also has a javascript equivalent of the same?

How to get SQL string from a view???

$query_run = _get_query_string($view->build_info['query']);


function _get_query_string(SelectQueryInterface $query) {
  $string = (string) $query;
  $arguments = $query->arguments();


This is an amazingly simple juice to make but perfect for the sweltering summers of Delhi!


Half Watermelon - big size.

Lemon Juice - 1 tbsp