vi tips and tricks

Sort from within vi

:%sort - Sort whole file

:%sort! - Sort file - in reverse

:%!sort - Sort using external sort utility

D7 to D8 Migration

I tried to do a D7 to D8 migration using this series of blogs:


And I was able to get Vocabularies, terms and content migrated. Yay!!!

Some learnings:

Dahi Bhalle!!! (Non-fried)

Our family loves dahi bhalle - but I am sometimes a bit concerned about the fact that they are fried :(

So I tried this non-fried method of making them - and I am impressed (Even if I say so myself)

Tip - Boil extra stuff

Whenever I need to make Rajma / cholle/ lobhiya etc., I always make sure that I boil double the amount I need. Once boiled and cooled, I put the extra in an airtight container in the freezer. 

Til Ke Laddoo

On the occassion of Makar Sakranti, I always make Til ke Laddoo. My husband also loves them and they are really quick to make.



250 gm White Til (Sesame seeds)

250 gm Boora (Powdered Sugar)

250 gm Khoya

Almonds - handful - chopped.

Creating a patch using diff

diff is the a linux command line program, and is where patch files originated. It requires that you have two copies of the code, one with your changes, and one without.

Quick Accompaniment - Onions in vinegar

This is a really quick and tasty accompaniment to food. It is a staple at our home, especially during summers.


  • Onions - 12 small ones/ 3 medium
  • Salt - 1 tsp
  • Vinegar - Enough to cover the onions


Icecream makeover

Summers are here, and my family loves to have icecreams. I am sure for everyone in Delhi's sweltering heat, Ice Cream is bliss.

Anyway, this "recipe" takes a normal Vanilla icecream brick and gives it a makeover.



For Praline: